One Step at a Time, at Just the Right Time

This is my testimony of God’s provision over the last year. I haven’t shared much detail of this with many people apart from close friends and family, but I feel that now is the right time to start to share my story.

Almost a year ago ten months ago I walked out of a marriage which was both controlling and verbally and physically abusive. I spent a lot of time feeling lonely and afraid in those years.

Of course, I felt a great relief walking away from all of that pain. But part of me felt a deep shame. I was the good Christian girl, the one who always went to youth group and read her bible every single night. I had gone to bible college and even worked for a church for a good number of years. I should not be the kind of person to find herself in this kind of situation. Broken, sitting in a solicitors office, trying to work out how exactly to get a divorce, whilst still in her twenties.

How could I possibly bounce back from that one?

But somehow God has bought me through. Through many, many boxes of tissues, he has blessed me abundantly, and continued to surprise me with his provision.


One step at a time… At just the right time.

When I first left my marriage I felt God telling me that

A few weeks after moving in with my parents I got offered a temporary part time position working for Card Factory. I got a phone call from them, before I even reached home after handing in an application, and less than an hour later I was offered a job. To start a week and a half later, which conveniently gave me enough time to go and visit some friends and family down south. The only problem was that it was as many hours as I would have hoped for.

I needn’t have worried about that though, as one of the other temporary staff never showed up, which meant I got a lot of her hours. That combined with a lot of other unreliable staff, meant I was working full time.

After Christmas I put a down payment on a car. That very afternoon I got a phone call from an agency I had registered with, telling me there was a job working as a teaching assistant in Doncaster… if I had the transport to get there. Of course this was just a temporary role, but it was followed up by many more temporary roles. One step at a time at just the right time, of course.


All of these roles gave me all the work I needed, and enough time off to visit friends and family all over the country, and even in Germany. And to do something I had wanted to do for many years, take a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course.



I could go on to tell you about the time a couple of months ago, when I was tidying up, and found an tax letter. (A P-whatever-it-is, the one you get at the end of the tax year.) Only to discover I had paid several hundred pounds too much tax, two years ago.

I could tell you about taking a care work job, to keep me going over the summer holidays. This was a job I enjoyed, but the company was so disorganised I felt I had no other choice but to quit. The next day I stumbled upon an opportunity to teach English to international volunteers. Something I really felt God wanted me to persue. Two days later I was in Essex, teaching English to the best group of volunteers. Something I would never have imagined happening ten months ago.

This whole journey has been one step at a time, at just the right time. In a lot of ways it has been terrifying, but God has taught me to rely on him whole heartedly, and he has blessed me so much through all of this. Even though ten months ago I felt so unworthy of his love, he has proven that it is so much bigger than I could have imagined.

Even though you, like me, may only have vague ideas about the future, God has great plans for you, if you trust him, one step at a time, at just the right time.

27 thoughts on “One Step at a Time, at Just the Right Time

  1. Wonderful Alice. What a blessing to be reminded again, just when I needed it, of God’s amazing grace and provision even in the hardest and most challenging of times. Every blessing. Ruthxx

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  2. Alice that story has really blessed me ! I spent a lovely afternoon with you in the summerhouse, we went through various options on the job front . I know that in all things God works for good in our lives, and he knows the plans he has for us to move us on in our journey with him . Many blessings Sarah you are a lovely friend ! X

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  3. I love your testimony and I admire how brave you are. Our God is truly awesome and I can only imagine the blessings God has in store for. Keep trusting Him as you continue your journey.
    Blessings to you Alice❤

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  4. Wow wow wow Alice u r so blessed,,can’t believe wat u av done an complished in the last 10 months ,,u r a special friend 2 me,,an god loves u so much,,I love u 2 ,,love Roz xx


  5. God hates divorce, but I say that as a divorced woman. I hung on to a marriage with an abusive husband for 23 years before I kicked him out. He had broken our marriage vows several times. I did what I thought Christians should do — forgive, trust… Sometimes we have to face the truth that our husband has not taken the marriage vows, the marriage covenant, seriously. Freedom has been scary, but also wonderful. May God continue to bless your life one step at a time.


  6. Thanks for sharing Alice – God is amazing. But so are you too – you’ve caught something profound in all of this about what God is like. Please come and visit us and especially see how we now have over 50 internationals coming to NRBC each Saturday morning for free English Classes. Blessings


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