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It is for freedom Christ has set us free.

I always thought this was a bit of a “well duh” bible verse. Of course we were set free to experience freedom! But how often do we lose one set of chains, just to go ahead and pick up another set.

I know this is something I have done over and over again in my own life. Never really experiencing real freedom.

Freedom from worry.

Freedom from fear.

Freedom from guilt.

But through Christ we really can have true freedom.

Me Set Free was started to share this message of freedom. If you would like to share in this, please get in contact using the form on the get involved page.

The Editor


Alice is the editor and main author at Me Set Free.

She is passionate about Christ, (and chocolate and crochet.) She has done a variety of jobs, including: being a children’s and families worker and a teaching assistant. She has a degree in applied theology, and hopes this helps her share and live out Gods message of salvation, hope and freedom in all situations.