The Truth about You


I can remember one evening when I was about thirteen years old: playing about with some make-up when no one else was watching. I was surprised when I looked in the mirror and realised that the face that was looking back at me was actually quite beautiful! I was so used to seeing something ordinary: too thick hair; a genetic disposition to blackheads and spots (thanks dad!) and glasses long before they were considered trendy; that I was shocked and embarrassed to actually think of myself as pretty. I so felt guilty that I quickly washed off all the make up before anyone could see me.

I guess that I didn’t believe I could hold onto that identity of being pretty, that even when  it seemed it might apply to me I was quick to rip it off again.

I was so used to my slightly geeky identity, that I simply couldn’t take hold of a new one.

Christ has given us all new identities. The problem is sometimes we hold on so tightly to our old ones, that we can’t take hold of the new ones.

One of the new identities Christ has given us is BEAUTIFUL: We are the apple of his eye, we are his perfect bride (and who would dare call a bride ugly!) and we are more precious than the most beautiful jewels. This is true whether it feels it or not. And I know that especially for women it will more often feel like not. But the great thing about what God says about us is that it IS true, no matter how it feels. No matter how hard it feels we can let go of our striving for beauty and worth and we can hold on to our true identity as a beautiful child of God.

Another of the identities that we can struggle to hold onto is that we are CHOSEN: God has chosen us. I know this can be hard to take hold of, if you were always the last one picked in PE, or someone who struggles to attract anyones attention. Christ chose you, not because he had to, but because he wanted to.

Christ has also given us the identity of LOVED: have you ever noticed how a shy woman can become confident when she knows she is loved? Or how an awkward child can transform when they know you care about them? Christ has loved you so much that he died for you. You can hold onto the label of loved, you can take this one and staple it onto your forehead or tattoo it onto your arm; because Christ has told you that you are loved.

The final label that I want to focus on is that you are FREE. The opposite of freedom is fear. And so many of us are still living in fear. Even though we have been set free. We have been set free. There is no captive, in their right mind, who would choose to return to their chains, once they have been set free. Christ has set you free, don’t tie yourself back up in those chains again.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here! (1 Corinthians 5:17)



25 thoughts on “The Truth about You

  1. Your comment about how we can hold ourselves back from accepting these identities really resonated with me. I think it’s hard to accept these identities because we don’t feel like we deserve them, and in reality, we don’t, but God joyfully gives them to us anyways. Thank you for reminding us that these are our identities as daughters of God!

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  2. These are great reminders. I’ve been reading a book called “Without Rival” by Lisa Bevere that speak a lot how God sees us. Her main point is that He loves us individually for who He created us to be. Still as an adult this can be a challenging concept for me to wrap my mind around. Great article.

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  3. I am beautiful, chosen, free ,and Loved. What an encouraging post! Yet as women we want to confide in the vain things in life, and think so low about ourselves.



  4. Alice! I love this beautiful post! It’s so full of truth, and so relatable to so many people! I remember feeling pretty as I put on make up at age 13, too! I would even sneak, and use my friends’ make up at school, because I wasn’t allowed to wear much! I would be honored to guest post you at The Silver Lining, at I’m touched by the simple beauty of your post, packed with so much TRUTH about who we are in Christ Jesus! Your post will also be shared on Facebook at I’ll send you a message! God bless you, in Jesus’ name! Keep writing! 💙

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    • Thank you Angela, I would love to guest post, maybe we could do a kind of post swap at some point if you like? Send me a message and I’m sure we could sort something out. Ps, I’m already following you on Facebook 😀


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