Six Ideas to Re-ignite Your Quiet Times


My quiet times used to sometimes get boring and repetitive. I really didn’t look forward to them. Now I’ve learnt that I don’t need to do the exact same thing every. single. day. and now I’ve found that I’m a lot more excited about them, and actually look forward to them! (Most of the time, at least, and when I do get bored now I know it’s time to try something new.)

I guess, it’s kind of like if you always did the same thing with a friend, and always had the same conversation with them, your relationship with them wouldn’t grow, and you would find yourself getting bored of spending time with them.

When this happens, I find changing things up, even slightly, can make a big difference.

Here some ideas which have helped me, and might be useful to you.


  1. Write prayers down. As well as being a reminder of what God has done for you this and a way to track prayers God has answers it really helps me to focus my thoughts. I am currently using a page a day diary and writing in it most days. It has also helped me realise that I am not praying into some things as much as I should be.
  2. Light a candle. It sounds like a silly thing, but lighting a candle can help me settle my mind, and make me realise that now I am entering into a time for praying and reading the bible.
  3. Read a Christian Biography. When I am feeling spiritualy dry, or finding the bible difficult to read, I have often found that reading about what God as done in other people’s lives is a great way to get me excited about my own faith agian.
  4. Do it somewhere else. Sometimes, just a change of scenery can make me focus more. Having gone to the effort of going somewhere else, I really want to make the most of my quiet time.
  5. Try something new. Who says you can’t draw a picture, or simply write out bible verses. Your quiet time does not have to be done in a set way every day.
  6. Watch a video or listen to a podcast or even a talking bible. I’m going to be honest with you, these ways don’t tend to help me personally, as I like to be active, and rarely watch TV. But, incase you hadn’t noticed, we are all different! Even though this doesn’t work for me, I know it does for a lot of people.

The most important thing with quiet times, is do be discplined but fluid.

Be disciplined: Get into a habit of having a daily quiet time.

Be fluid: Mix it up! Don’t be afraid of trying new things.

It’s your time with God. You don’t always do the same things with your earthly friend, so why do that with God!

10 thoughts on “Six Ideas to Re-ignite Your Quiet Times

  1. This is great advice! We have rearranged our house, but we used to have a cozy prayer corner. We have a shelf on the wall with candles, religious imagery, and a crucifix. I agree that lighting the candles and looking at the images put me in the right mindset for prayer.

    I also agree that reading Christian biographies is fruitful. Right now, I’m reading Saint Faustina’s Diary, and it is AMAZING!


  2. I love your encouraging, simple, godly posts! How refreshing! I like to include lots of ideas in my writing too; things that may not be my personal choice, but that I know others would enjoy. I like how you did that here; by including ideas for quiet time; which may not be your own personal choice, but which you realize others will enjoy. Also thank you for the reminder about lighting a candle. I haven’t done that in a long time, and it’s something I used to love! It’s a reminder of God being The Light in our lives! Nice post! 💙

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    • Thank you so much Angela, it’s interesting, isn’t it, how different things seem to work for different people, and at different times in our life as well.


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