Nine Life Changing Christian Biographies


One thing that has always encouraged me in my faith is reading about the lives of other Christians. It has sustained me in times when I have found reading the bible difficult, and inspired me to really live out my faith.

Read on for a list of biographies that are not only great reads, but are truly life changing accounts.

daring to live on the edge

What it’s about: Stories of faith from missionary organisation YWAM, especially trusting God with money.

What I learnt: When you trust God with your finances, he will always come through. Even just the first chapter is a massive inspiration.



What’s it about: Dutch watchmaker Corrie, hides Jews during the Second World war, and then is imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp.

What I learnt:  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or how old you are God can use you. And even in the hardest places God is still there.


the cross and the switch blade

What it’s about: Small town pastor David Wilkerson, gives up watching TV to spend more time praying; God then calls Him to work with New York Gangsters.

What I learnt: If you open yourself to spending more time with God he will radically change the trajectory of your life.


What it’s about: Small domestic servant saves money to catch a train across communist Russia and take the Gospel to China.

What I learnt: If you are willing to trust him, God will take you on an adventure, and use you to change the lives of many.


What it’s about: Bill is abandoned on the corner of a street as a child. He then grows up with a heart for reaching children in desperate situations, and starts the worlds largest Sunday School.

What I learnt: This is the man who inspired me to go into children’s ministry.


What it’s about: Jackie was rejected by multiple missionary agencies, before buying a one way ticket to China, and ministering to drug addicts and prostitutes in the Walled City.

What I learnt: Don’t worry about what other people tell you, if God has called you to do something, you can do it.


Grace behind bars

What it’s about: Good Christian Bo Mitchell finds himself stitched up and unfairly imprisoned. Whilst there he finds true grace and freedom.

What I learnt: With God every day can be your best day yet!


What it’s about: New York Gangster and son of an occultist and his life is transformed.

What I learnt: This book really taught a lot about spiritual warfare and the battle for our souls.

Hudson Taylor

What it’s about: Hudson Taylor is probably one of the most well known missionaries: He founded the China Inland Mission. Although this book is very old it is very readable.

What I learnt: I loved Hudson Taylor’s practicality! The way he was prepared to give up all luxuries in order to save and go to China as a missionary.


I hope you enjoyed this list. Have you read any biographies? What would you recommend?

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