Sounds of Freedom 7


This week I am so excited to share Pia’s testimony! If you enjoy it you can find more of her writing at Taste & See!

When one has been a professing Christian for a while, it is always so easy fall into the trap of the dry season. I am no exception, having gone through a long stretch of stagnation in my walk with Jesus a mere couple of years after making the commitment to follow Him. It was a slow fade, with me not realizing how the fire in my heart gradually lost heat as I fell in love again with the world and what it had to offer: professional success, people’s admiration, and material rewards.

I finally got my wakeup call in the middle of my marriage crisis. It seemed there was no way for things to work out, and I had begun to think I could find my happiness in another love. God in His faithfulness and mercy did not allow me to go far with this deceit. In a moment of solitude, it dawned on me that I had been fooling myself, and that HE could only be my one true source of joy. If I had to pursue a love relationship, it was with Him.

It was during that time of illumination that I got so taken by the song “Magnificent Obsession” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I would play it over and over and sing along with it with all my heart, as though its lyrics were written especially for me!

This happened nearly nine years ago, and the Lord has done so much in my life since then. He has restored my marriage, realigned my life’s priorities, and allowed me to bear fruit for His kingdom. Above all things, He has continued to make it clear to me, day after day, that His grace is sufficient for me, and that there is nothing and no one that can compare to the joy that I have because of my intimacy with Him.

The song has remained very special to me. It’s not a track usually included in church worship but it captures my journey with and continuing pursuit of the Lord. May you be blessed through it as well!



Pia is a development worker who is passionate about discipleship and children’s causes. She lives in the Philippines with Wowell, her husband of eleven years.

Pia blogs about life and faith at Taste & See! and dabbles in creative writing at The Write Project.

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