Sounds of Freedom 5

Amazing grace

This week my good friend Helen is sharing about her favourite worship song, and how it helped her through a hard time, which a lot of us will be able to relate to. Helen’s one of those friends that you know, whenever you see her, you will laugh a lot, and leave feeling loads happier. I’m excited to share her thoughts today.

What is your favourite church song and why?

My favourite worship song is Amazing Grace. I feel the song teaches us so much about how God can save us, even when we feel that there’s no hope. My favourite lines are: how he saved a wretch like me, I was once lost but now I found, I was blind but now I see! He never I feel down it there’s no hope thus line I find comforting .

What’s your favourite line from this song?

My favourite lines are: How he saved a wretch like me, and I was once lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see! This line reminds me that whenever I feel down, as if there is no hope, there is!

Can you tell me about a specific time in your life when you felt that this line was especially important?

I had been in a serious relationship for several years, and had moved away from my home town to be closer to my partner. Later, we eventually split up, and I had to come back home to my mum. My life was in turmoil,  I felt so angry with God that I didn’t go to church for a year. Even though I had fallen out with God, this line sustained me and made me feel safe. It reminded me that no matter how bad things get, God will never leave us. We might walk away from him, but he will never walk away from us.


In Helen’s own words: I Am a 47 yr old single lady currently living with my mum, as I can’t afford a place of my own just yet! I work part-time, although I am not particularly fussed on my job…. hey at least I’ve got one! So far I’ve had an interesting life, I have travelled to many places on my own including Singapore ( I spent one night at Raffles Hotel) and New Zealand. In life we all go through happy and hard times, but whatever the lord throws our way, there’s always a reason.

I would love for you to participate in this series as well! If you are interested, please get into contact through the contact me page, or by adding a comment beneath.

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