Sounds of Freedom 6


Today Adam is sharing his favourite worship song and how it has impacted his faith. I am excited to share this post, as although I’ve not known Adam long, it’s obvious just how much he loves Jesus, and wants to share His message of freedom. And he’s actually sharing a song that I had never even heard before!

Hi Adam, what is your favourite worship song and why?

My favourite worship song is No Longer Slaves by Bethel. It’s such a powerful song, and so meaningful to me, as when I first heard it I was going through a really hard time.

Why was that?

When I first heard this song I was so broken; full of fear, which lead to prison sentences and drug and alcohol abuse and suffering from bad paranoia. I walked in that church that day absolutely broken, tears streaming my face, as I’m no longer a slave to fear I am a child of God was played from the worship team. God really touched my heart that Sunday morning. He told me directly that I was no longer a slave to fear. I was his child. It’s a moment I’ll remember for a lifetime.

Is there a particular line that spoke to you?

Yes, the line is

you split the sea so I could walk straight through, my fears are drowned in perfect love.

There was a time where I couldn’t see a way a through anything.  This just reminds us how God makes a way, even when we see no way.


In Adam’s own words: I’m from Worksop and am an ex-drug-addict who’s been saved by God’s grace. I’m now in a bible school, learning about the bible in the mornings, and going out on outreach in the afternoons 2 days a week, helping those still trapped in addiction. I love Jesus and I love people! Amen!

I am looking for more people to join in with this series, if you are interested please get in contact!

10 thoughts on “Sounds of Freedom 6

  1. This is an awesome series. Love discovering new (for me) songs and learning what they mean to people. Lately, hubby and I have been enjoying having quiet worship music to lull us to sleep, and morning praise songs to set the tone for our day. Music has such a way of connecting us with the Lord!

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  2. I love your blog Alice and this is one of my favourite worship songs too! From reading what Adam has said I think Adam might even be talking about being at Poplars when he first heard it – if so it was a week after I first heard it and it was so meaningful to me I brought it straight back to church!

    Keep up the blog, I’m going to check out some of the other new songs now!



    • Thanks Matt! I’ve found some new songs through this series as well, I really enjoyed one that Lydia wrote about as well, I think it was number 4.
      I loved that song that Adam shared too, I had never heard that one before either, I’ll have to find out if it was there that he heard it. If it was, then you definitely bought it to your church at just the right time! Isn’t it amazing how song lyrics can really speak to people.


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