Emotions of Easter: Despair


To us this is the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The day after Jesus died, but the day before he rose again.

To Jesus’ followers, this was only the day after Good Friday. They didn’t have the anticipation of waiting for Easter Sunday. All they had was the sorrow.

And imagine how deep that sorrow must have been. Not only had their leader died, (and one of their closest friends betrayed him, then killed himself) they had lost their whole purpose in life.

For years their life had been following Jesus. They had given up their jobs, and secure stable lives for him. Now that Jesus was dead, what did they have left to live for? Their lives had been totally turned upside down. They must have felt completely let down, as if they had no hope on that day.

As Christian, I think we are often living in that Saturday frame of mind. We can look around the world and see so much pain and suffering, and really at times it all feels too much.

Maybe, you personally feel like you are living in the despair and hopelessness of the Saturday. It feels like everything used to be so good. That you were walking closely with God, but somehow, things have happened, and it feels like he is distant that.

Even though naturally, we may be living in the Saturday. Super-naturally, we can live with the hope of Sunday.

We have the hope that one day God will make sense of the pain and suffering, and that one day it will be no more.

8 thoughts on “Emotions of Easter: Despair

  1. This is such a poignant post – thank you! I’ve felt like I’ve been living in Saturday for a long time – and you’re so right that we can live in the hope of Sunday; I really need to meditate on this and apply it to my situation!

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  2. Oh my goodness! My poem coming out tomorrow, and some messages I’ve shared in my blogs this week, have also expressed this sentiment.; the difference a day makes! But I love how you told about JUST HOW desolate the disciples must have felt; how you brought us back to that fateful day, and how it can change for us. Beautiful work! 💙

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  3. I love your thoughts on Easter Saturday! It’s funny that I just saw your post today, but I wrote a post on Easter Monday, kind of the opposite of Easter Saturday in how the followers of Jesus would feel. I guess the Holy Spirit was talking to both of us.

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