Emotions of Easter: Joy


Death has turned to life.

Despair has turned to hope.

Sorrow has turned to Joy.

The prophecy has been fulfilled.

Jesus is alive!

We know this is true. But it’s so easy, isn’t it, to lose the wonder of this day.

I can remember telling the Easter story to a group of Reception children. It was the first time they had heard that story. I will never forget the amazement on one little boys face, when I told them that Jesus had come back to life. His innocent wonder really struck me. I had become so familiar with the resurrection, that I had lost my own sense of wonder.

This Easter, lets remember just how amazing it is that Jesus has defeated death, once and for all.

Lets live like those disciples on the first Easter. Jesus returning restored everything for them, everything that just one day earlier, they believed had been lost.






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