4 Reasons Why We Don’t Obey God


IMG_1134This morning, as I was waking up, I felt God ask me a question: “If I asked you to build an ark, would you?” If God asked me to do something completely ridiculous would I dare to do it. In that moment, I honestly said… no.

And that one sentence has been bothering me all day.

Although I know that God cares about me, that his plans for me are the best, even though I know that he wouldn’t ask me to do something crazy without a great reason, my first instinct was still to say no.

My knowledge of God hadn’t moved from my head and into my life.

I wasn’t ready to put my money where my mouth was. Even though God has proven to me, both in the bible and my own life, that he will always come through for me. Even though he has proven himself faithful time and time again I still wasn’t ready to let go.

There are things in my life that I am holding on too tightly to.

I don’t want to risk making a fool of my self. What if this is the time that God doesn’t come through? What if all the other times were just coincidences? Can I really trust him that much?

And anyway, how can I know that it actually God talking to me, and not just myself.

I guess the things that God asks us to do can be split into two categories. So logical they must be from God (things like do not steal, or do not murder) and things that are so completely crazy that they must be from God.

God commanding Noah to build an ark definitely fits into the second category. There’s no way that Noah could have thought to do that on his own. The same when God asked Joshua to walk around the walls of Jericho day after day, or when he asked Gideon to get rid of most of his army.

These things must have seemed just so crazy, that they could never have come up with them on their own.

There are things that God may speak into our lives that seem just so crazy, that we know we could never have thought of it on our own. Our imaginations are just not big enough to come up with such crazy bonkers ideas.

When God tells you to do something like that, you know you had better do it!

But I mess up so much in the little things. The things that God asks us all to do that actually make sense.

Things like leaving toxic relationships or putting a stop to destructive behaviours. Even though it’s clear what to do in these situations we all mess up in them. That doesn’t disqualify us from doing the crazy big things for God.

After the flood, Noah got smashed. Even though God knew that was going to happen, he still used him.

Our past mistakes do not dictate our future. Although it would be amazing to be perfect and never make mistakes, it’s never going to happen. And sometimes God using the least likely, like me or you, can be the greatest testimony to his power.

If God asked you to build an ark, would you do it?

7 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why We Don’t Obey God

  1. Great article! I think you are so right that fear of looking foolish and the ‘what if God doesn’t come through’ hold us back far too often. But then, I remember that the things of God will always be foolishness to nonbelievers, so it doesn’t really matter what they see or believe. Thank you for this great reminder! I will keep praying that when it is my time to “build an ark” I have grown in faith enough to follow through!


  2. This is written so beautifully, there’s so much truth in this post! Sometimes we forget that God is on our team and try to do life our own way, but some way or another we end up back to Him. Thanks for this reminder!


  3. I wouldn’t say that logical things like not stealing or murdering must come from God. Being actions with clear negative consequences, they answer their own questions of why you shouldn’t do them in most cases.


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