Girls do Brave too


Sometimes I’m not sure if I want to be brave. Brave is scary. When you’re brave, you don’t know what’s going to happen next, and brave isn’t exactly girly, is it?

I mean aren’t all girls supposed to want to be rescued by prince charming. How are we ever going to have that fairytale ending if we just go ahead and rescue ourselves?

And we do need rescuing. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we are all damsels in distress. We all can’t do this life on our own. Even the men!

But none of us need to sit around eating cupcakes and drinking tea, waiting¬† for that perfect rescue, that fairy-tale ending. Not because it’s never going to happen, but because it already has.

We have already been rescued.

We can stop living as damsels in distress, and start living as the brave, because brave isn’t just for boys.

Brave sounds scary. Brave sounds messy. But brave sounds like an adventure.

When you know that you have already been rescued, when you know who is on your side, you can do things you never dreamed of. You can climb mountains and travel continents. You can pray bold prayers, stand up for the vulnerable and be honest right where you are. You can speak to your neighbours, give to the poor and share your faith. You can can crush an army and you can scale a wall.

Sometimes you just stumble across things at the right time. That happened while I was writing this post. I found this blog in which the author lists four reasons why we don’t need to be afraid:

God goes ahead of you. We can be brave.

God will be with you. We can be brave.

God will not fail you. We can be brave.

God will not leave you. We can be brave.

These promises are for everyone.¬† No one needs to be afraid. We can all be brave. We don’t find that bravery within in ourselves, but through God, the one who is with us, who fights for us and who loves us.

Brave isn’t just for boys. Girls do brave too.

In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall. (Psalm 18:29) NLT